Artist Biography

Hannah Rose Baker never thought that she would be a musician, at least, not one who loved country music, played in dive bars, and revered Willie Nelson. Nevertheless, that is where she has found herself today. Armed with her father’s guitar, her fiddle and her voice, Baker writes and performs songs of humorous melancholy that pay tribute to the deep and wide traditions of American music.

Though she grew up listening to a wide variety of traditional music, Baker was a classical musician to the bone until homesickness in college drew her to the songs and tunes that reminded her of home and family. Two years later she had immersed herself in traditional fiddling, building a deep repertoire of tunes and songs.  A stint in Texas introduced her to legends like Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark, and another flavor was added to her musical pot. After spending her twenties trying out various careers (cheesemaker, trail maintenance, arts administration, grad student… the list goes on), Hannah realized that all she wanted to do was play music, and play it better. She enrolled in Berklee College of Music and launched herself fully into creating the career in music she didn’t know that she’d dreamed of until it became clear there was no other option.

Over the years, Baker has grown from an old time fiddler to a well-rounded musician versed in bluegrass, classic country music, and traditional Appalachian and English song, in addition to dabbling in Scandinavian, Scottish, and Irish traditions. All of these influences come together both in Baker’s original songwriting and her choice of repertoire. Her songwriting combines quirky word play with surprising emotional depth, bolstered by her high energy performance style and bright vocals. Baker also brings a sensitivity and modernity to more traditional repertoire from both Appalachia and the British Isles. Her passion for classic country music can be heard on her recent self-titled debut which features both original and cover material. Her first full-length album will combine new originals with a well-curated selection of traditional material in a way that is both very modern and very old. It will be released in 2018.